Emergency Closing Codes for Schools/Offices


When schools are closed due to weather conditions, the following codes will be used by those announcing school closing. The support personnel at the compound will develop an Alpha Bravo code for essential personnel in the area of support services. The composition of Alpha and Bravo may change with the seasons or type of event. The Department of Information Technology will be a part of the Alpha Team, Code RED.

CODE RED - SCHOOLS and OFFICES are closed for all

personnel, except those employees designated as essential personnel.

CODE YELLOW - SCHOOLS are closed. Administrators and

twelve-month personnel are expected to report.

CODE GREEN - Schools are closed for STUDENTS only. Teachers and all other personnel are expected to report.

NOTE: Please monitor the following media for accurate and timely information on changes in the published schedule:

WFOS-FM (Radio 88.7) - Operated by Chesapeake Public Schools

WCPS-46 (Cox Cable TV Channel 46) Operated by Chesapeake Public schools

WCTV-48 (Cox Cable TV Channel 48) Operated by the City of Chesapeake